Andrew Wilner MD, a Neurologist known for Blogging in the Neurology Section of Medscape, talks about Epilepsy

The "MedStart" Group talks about their Conference at end of January

Philip Chang, MD, Surgeon from Mass General, and world-renown Burn Specialist, talks about the latest therapies in Burn Surgery
Michael Banks talks about his experiences with "The Doctors Channel"
Dan Bacher MD, of ALS Organization, "Speak your Mind" Foundation
Andrew Wilner MD, a Neurologist known for Blogging in the Neurology Section of Mescape, talks about Epilepsy

Anant Patek, the Indian Owner and Developer talk about his App, Healthmemo
October 15, 2014: Sean Orr MD, Neurologist, speaks about the "NeuroEconomy", and Brain Enhancement
October 14, 2014: Nick Hu, of i24Doc, Remote Dermatology App, talks about his time with a MotorBike Ambulance Service for pregnant females in Tanzania

October 9, 2014: Yuriy Svidinenko, from the Ukraine, talks about his work in NanoMedicine, and his increasing work with Nanomedicine in Oncology
October, 8, 2014: Carlos Oller MD, of Cartersville, Georgia, talks about his app, EDExitVideo, where a patient discharged from the ER is given prescription of videos
October 7, 2014: Luis Ordonez-Soloria MD, 4th Year Neurosurgery Resident, from Mexico City, speaks about using Twitter as a platform for education for neurosurgery
October 1, 2014: Sagar Patel MD, ENT Resident from Wayne State, talks about using Google Glass in the ENT arena
September30, 2014: Michael Banks MD, Head of, and, takes us through his websites, and speaks with Carlos Oller MD about the future of medical videos
September 25, 2014: John Springer, Operating Room Tech, from Los Angeles, speaks about using Glass in the Operating Room
September 24, 2014: Rafael Sadaba MD of Pamplona, Spain, speaks about Leap Motion in the OR to move Images
Sept 23, 2014: Peter Chai MD, Toxicology Fellow at University of Massachusetts, speaks about Toxicology in the Digital age
Sept 15, 2014: ReelDX Team Discussiong their Innovative Live Patient Medical Education Videos
SEPT 5, 2014: Ned Sahan PhD: Speaks of the Medical Tech/Entrepreneur Scene in Boston

SEPT 4, 2014:Michael Docktor MD, GI Attending from Boston Childrens speaks about the "Pediatric Hackathon"

SEPT 3, 2014: Divya Dhar MD talks about her app, "Seratia"

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